What is Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Due to increase in use of social media websites all over the world, people started promoting their product or services through Social Media Marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to know what social media marketing (SMM) is and how it can be used by anyone wanting to achieve desired goals.

Social Media Marketing is referred to as advertising the product or service with the help of Social Media. Social media tools are platforms to promote and let people know about the brand. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram and many more can be used as a tool to target specific people. Target groups are to be known before using social media for any service/product. For example, if the brand is of clothing, people love to know about ongoing fashion and are attracted to read articles, blogs, post or see videos related to clothing and fashion trends. Therefore, focus is on what audience needs. According to their needs, appropriate medium and tool of social media can be used.

What should be done to do proper social media marketing?

The key point that should be kept in mind before starting SMM is how the customers will be benefited. There are several advantages for people using social media like:

– Product/service can be reached to people who don’t have any idea about it.

– Customers get to compare different items by having its description on screen

– People have access to their social media tools anywhere in the world. This helps them gain better knowledge of their needs any time anywhere in the world.

Due to such benefits to individuals, promoters can attract customers with their ideas through pictures, videos, posts, articles etc.

The next thing is to plan what is to be done. That is, setting goals for marketing. Having proper goals helps in achieving desired result. For example, the goal of an online educating website can be to get minimum of 1000 visits a day. So, marketing can be done by focusing on the goal of achieving the required target. 

The most important thing is the content of marketing. The result is based on the content. The more attractive and informative the content is, more people gets the attention. 


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