About us
PaidTask.in is a small IT and Social media marketing company in India. Our passion is to provide social media services to people who use it. We created PaidTask.in as a free and open source service for users.
We at Paidtask.in are a group of people dedicated to bring more services as per your requirements. We are building a system to make your social profile more popular. We built our online service in 2019 and we were the first offering this kind of online service where people either get services or give services. Since then, we are working hard to improve our online portal to offer you best services so that you can get professional social media marketing more quickly and easily.

More than 4000+ satisfied users we have:
Since we have launched our online portal, it's users are growing day by day. Also our website has helped thousands of people by giving them best social media amenity. Our website has delivered thousands of services to people. We hope that users will like our website, find value in it's system, and continue to use it in the years to come. Our team of programmers have a mission to develop natural flowing websites, that are fair and just for all its members!

How our concept works?
Basically we are working in a team. We have few partner websites which has expert staff, they have good experience of SMM(Social media marketing). Our duty is to provide organic marketing to our customers. The concept could not be simple as you think - it works on the very unique principle. If you have that skills of marketing and sourcing you also can work for us. The program to make this happen across many social networks is actually quite complex , but we hope we have made it look and feel incredibly easy, with straight forward screens and a nice cheerful layout so everyone can join in.