How to work from home by creating your own blog?

You may have heard about blogs or even you may have written it. But do you know you can work from home through blog? Yes, you heard right. You can make some bucks by writing what you think or feel. So, let me give you some ideas So first let’s see what actually a blog is.

What is a blog? 

Blog is a place where you can write your stuffs that is relevant to share with people. It is just like you write a diary or what you think about any place, thing, people etc. we can also share photos and videos on blogs. There are many websites where you can create your blog and also you can work from home. Following is the list of websites that allows blogging:


These websites allow free blogging. 

The very first thing to do is to have clear idea of what the blog is about. You can write blog for any topics such as:

– Personal life experiences
– Health and fitness
– Study blogs
– Travel blogs
– DIY (Do it yourself) blogs
– Fashion trends blogs
– Technological blogs
– Informative blogs
– News related blogs

After you have clear idea about what you are interested to write, choose a platform for writing. Gain knowledge on how to use the platform. Now you can pick a name for blog. This name should uniquely identify your blog. The name should be relevant to the topic you are going to write about. Now you can start writing a blog. Make sure appropriate grammar for the content is used. To make blog attractive, several formatting can also be done. To make the blog more informative, pictures and videos can also be added. After the page in a blog is written, it needs to be published. Publishing makes the blog available to public. 

To get money from blog, ads and banners can be posted on the blog. Whenever the visitor visits on the ad, you can get on each visit on ads. To make this possible, the blog needs to be promoted and people should get interest in reading your blog. Therefore, more attractive the blog is, more visitors you get and more money you can get it from there.


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